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since the establishment, all xinxin people have been striving hard and forging ahead with determination. they have made a series of remarkable achievements and won the wide education of superior leaders and the society. over the years, the company has been awarded the title of "suzhou civilized unit", "zhangjiagang double civilized unit" and "honor contract and keep reputation", and has been rated as aaa credit enterprise by the bank. in 1993, it ranked 183 among china's 500 township enterprises, and in 1995 it ranked 7th among china's 100 township enterprises in chemical fiber industry, and was considered as a high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province.

yesterday, xinxin people have achieved brilliant results, today, xinxin people used to forge ahead and raise the sails of the second venture, the proud,

the honor turns into xinxin person to advance extraordinary power. facing the promising 21st century, tianxin people occupy the right place at the right time.

timing: the economic development of the yangtze river delta, led by pudong development, has established a huge and sound pattern.

geographical location: it is located in the hinterland of shanghai, suzhou and wuxi economic regions. it is 5 kilometers away from the only inland river bonded zone zhangjiagang tax zone and zhangjiagang port with smooth global flow. it is also connected with the most advanced communication network and international internet information network in the world.

renhe: over the years, in addition to a number of modern production equipment, tianxin has created a concerted effort, management, good management, understand the technology of modern enterprise talent team.

honest and pragmatic tianxin people sincerely invite business colleagues at home and abroad to visit our factory, exchange and guide us, and make full use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jointly develop post-dyeing and weaving projects.

form a filament - weaving - printing - dyeing - clothing through-train production base, create a modern flavor of a new chemical fiber city, to the new century full of hope gift.

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