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zhangjiagang xin xin high-fiber co., ltd. (formerly zhangjiagang city xin xin chemical fiber co., ltd.) is a company specializing in the production of high quality differential polyester polyester filament enterprise, the company adhering to the "hard work does not stop, initiative for first-class" spirit of days hin, has been committed to high quality research and development, production and sales of differential polyester filament products differentiation rate is high, in the same industry.

at present, the company has introduced more than 1300 winding heads with world advanced level from germany and japan, 2 80,000-ton direct spinning lines with photorefractive melt and 1 120,000-ton semi-extinction melt and 25 loading machines.

the company has its own r & d center, r & d personnel accounted for 12.8%, r & d costs accounted for 3.5%. the company has independently developed a series of products, such as ultra-fine composite island polyester low-elastic filament, ultra-fine fiber fdy composite filament, high-shrinkage polyester drafting filament 1000d high-light three-leaf special-shaped high-light fdy length ratio, segment shrinkage polyester drafting filament, etc., with 2 invention patents and 4 utility model patents. in 2012, the company was awarded the title of "national polyester differentiated two-component super-fine denier fiber production and research and development base" by china chemical fiber industry association and national textile and chemical fiber product development center. the company has more than 2000 employees, 18 senior engineers, engineers and assistant engineers 90 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 300 people. the company's existing fixed assets of 1.5 billion yuan, 2011 sales revenue reached more than 4 billion yuan.

the company's "tianxin" brand trademark has been rated as a famous trademark of jiangsu province, jiangsu famous brand products. since 2005, the company became a national top 500 private enterprises, won the 2011 china textile industry association product development contribution award "11th five-year plan", china's chemical fiber industry new product award, enterprise credit evaluation aaa credit certification, china's textile and apparel industry main business income is 100 strong enterprises, china's textile and garment enterprises competitiveness fortune 500 companies and so on many honors. at the same time, it ranks among the "specialized, small, refined and special" enterprises of china chemical fiber industry association, and ranks among the top 100 backbone enterprises in zhangjiagang city.

differentiation of the company always adhere to the "leading technology" development strategy and "on the basis of the research and development innovation, product differentiation as the core, supported by advanced equipment, professional service as guarantee" as a unique business model, with international advanced technology, based on the independent innovation, forms the enterprise core competitive advantages, and become the industry leader.

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