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product name: poy: pre-oriented silk

full name: pre - oriented yarn or partially oriented yarn.

introduction: refers to the chemical fiber filament obtained by high-speed spinning with the orientation between the unoriented filament and the drawn filament which is not fully drawn. compared with undrawn silk, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability, and is often used as a special wire for drawing false twist deformed silk (dty).

poy is mainly used for post-processing production, such as production of dty, dt and aty, and can also be directly applied in the silk textile industry. with high heat resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance, self-lubrication, low friction coefficient, weather resistance, water absorption rate is low, only 0.1%, in the humid environment still maintain a variety of physical properties (including electrical properties), electrical insulation, but volume resistance, dielectric loss. heat resistant to water, alkali, acid, oil, but vulnerable to halogenated hydrocarbon erosion, poor hydrolysis resistance, low temperature can quickly crystallize, good molding. the disadvantage is low notch impact strength, forming shrinkage rate.

widely used in automotive, electrical, industrial machinery and polymer alloys, special mixing industry. like as distributor in the car, car parts, ignition coil skeleton, insulation cover and exhaust system parts, motorcycle ignition, electrical and electronic industries such as tv deflection coil, tube and potentiometer stents, audio output transformer skeleton, skeleton adapter, switch socket, electric fan, refrigerator, washing machine motor end cover, shaft sleeve. in addition, there are transport machinery parts, sewing machines and textile machinery parts, clock shell, mirror tube, electric iron cover, mercury lamp cover, baking oven parts, power tools parts, shielding cover and so on.

poy series (polyester pre-oriented silk) semi-extinction [115d/72f, 288d/72f, 115d/36f, 150d/144f] full extinction [234d/144f, 115d/36f, 115d/72f, 256/144f] and other specifications of silk.