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product name: fdy full stretch silk

full draw yarn

introduction: it has nothing to do with the production process, but now it is widely spread, as the code name of spinning and drawing one-step process, it can be used for low speed spinning, high speed drawing and winding, two processes are completed in a spinning and drawing machine, the production cost of this production line is low, and the quality of the finished product is stable, less breakage of wool and silk, good dyeing uniformity. the synthetic fiber filament was further prepared by spinning drawing. the fibers are sufficiently stretched to be used directly in textile processing.

fdy civil silk, specially used for water jet, air jet, warp knitting, knitting production of various clothing, decorative fabrics, lining, plush, etc. fdy series (polyester drafting wire) have light [50d/24f, 50d/36f, 68d/36f, 75d/36f, 78d/36f] semi-extinction [50d/24f, 58d/24, 60d/24f 66d/24f] and other specifications of drafting wire.