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sea-island filament
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product name: sea-island filament island fiber

is introduced: it is the use of composite spinning technology of super fine or super fine fiber, its production process is first the soluble substances coated outside superfine insoluble substance, forming numerous beam island structure, specially after alkali deweighting finishing work will remove soluble substances, show the inside of the superfine fiber, filament linear density of 0.05 dtex. island fiber is called island silk because of its cross-section shape, which is mainly used for weaving suede. with good light fastness, a dye can be used for dyeing; it also has the characteristics of elegant, breathable and moisture permeable, as well as the feeling of plump, smooth and waxy.

island fiber is generally two kinds of different polymers through the twin-screw composite spinning machine and special spinnelling assembly for melting spinning, so that one component is orderly distributed in the other component, forming a regular continuous multiple ultra-slender filament, sea component dissolved, the remaining island component fiber denier is particularly small. theoretically, for certain solvents, as long as the sea component is soluble, the island component is insoluble or insoluble. in the fiber section, the dispersed phase pet is in the state of "island" while the parent polystyrene is in the state of "sea".

product specification [: polyester fdy such dt / 36 f / 83.3 72 f53dt / 48 f 55 dt / 24 f 】 【 poy products: 37 f272dt dt / 36 f / 140/228 f / 288 f 】 【 dty: 83.3 dt / 72, 83.3 dt / 144 f and 175 f / 228 f, 175 dt/dt 288 f 】 the filament and other specifications.